THMS Science Olympiad Winners!

posted Mar 1, 2016, 10:36 AM by Barbara Wilkins
Congratulations to our Science Olympiad team who had a great day this past Saturday! The varsity team came in 7th place overall out of 16 schools and the junior varsity team came in 2nd overall to bring home a trophy!

The event winners were as follows:


Crave the Wave 5th place Atzel Salvador and Daniel Zalava

Food Science 2nd place Roxana Campos and Claudia Reyes

Fossils 2nd place- Trisitin Sadler and Sameria Grant

Green Generation 1st place- Edgardo Lara and Daniel Zalava

Wind Power 3rd place- Gerado Cristibol

Junior varsity:

Bridge Building 2nd place- Mayra Vazquez and Serenity Flakes

Dynamic Planet 1st place- Shelby Tatum and Ashanti Rozier

Elastic Launch Glider 2nd place- Caroline Brisson and Shelby Tatum

Food Science 2nd place- Ashanti Rozier and Haley Lewis

Invasive Species 2nd place- Madison Taylor and Taylor Caulder

Reach for the Stars 2nd place- Mayra Vazquez and Serenity Flakes

Scrambler 1st place- Olivia Allen and Haleigh Fields


Because of the varsities 1st place finish in Green Generation, Edgardo and Daniel will be traveling to Raleigh to compete in this event on the state level!


Mrs. Coats and Mr. Wimert wants to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication!